Welcome to Front Door

At Front Door, you will find a welcoming environment where we work with young people of all backgrounds and their families to build, strengthen and sustain mental wellness. Together with you, we open new doors that break the mental health stigma and lead to brighter futures.

Please note: the main entrance at 1770 King St E. is not wheelchair or mobility scooter accessible. Should you have these or any other needs which require accommodation, please call us prior to your visit so that we can make appropriate arrangements to welcome you.

Reduced Parking between June 30-July 23: Our 1770 King St E parking lot is being resurfaced in sections which will greatly reduce parking availability, including Front Door Walk-in services on Wednesdays and Saturdays. If there are no parking spots available, visitors may use the Eastwood Collegiate parking lot during this period. Please contact us if you have accessibility concerns (including mobility, strollers, difficulty walking on uneven surfaces) and we will make special arrangements. Thank you for your patience!